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How To Safely Swaddle A Baby

Swaddling has a number of key benefits—for babies and their parents: Many babies who are swaddled experience less anxiety, and sleep longer and more soundly.
See below for how to swaddle your baby safely:
  1. The neck must be fitted to avoid a baby’s head slipping down into the swaddle. To check for the correct fit, you should be able to fit two fingers in the neck hole when being worn.
  2. Swaddles should allow for full chest expansion when breathing
  3. The hips and legs need to be able to flop outwards into a natural position while the baby sleeps. Tight swaddling across the hips that hold the legs together is thought to contribute and increase developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH).
  4. Babies don’t regulate their body heat very well and rely on their coverings to keep them warm but not hot. Do not overdress a baby underneath their swaddle and never cover their head at sleep time (e.g. with a hat or beanie).
  5. Swaddling needs to be secure, without any chance of fabric draping over the baby’s face.