About us


Billie + Bobbie specialises in using Premium Superfine Merino Wool for the design of newborn, infant and toddler swaddles and sleeping bags. We are an Australian made, eco conscious brand producing timeless pieces for the modern family. Our products care for the environment as much as they do your child through the use of certified organic textiles, Australian Merino Wool, and ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes.



Billie + Bobbie was founded in 2020 by ex-UK technical designer and mum of two, Debbie Martin, just after her first-born Billie arrived into the world.

"The brand began when Billie was born and I started researching sleeping bags available on the market.  I knew how amazing Merino Wool was because of its ability to regulate temperature (and gentle on delicate skin as Billie had developed a bit of eczema) and because it's an investment I wanted to buy something beautiful.  I was astounded at how many brands were using synthetic fibres and not compliant to Australian safety standards and so I decided to put my 17 years experience in the fashion industry to use and began sourcing beautiful natural fibre fabric and trims, a local manufacturer and went from there.  In my previous life I was Head of Quality Assurance for a major Australian retailer with a BSc (hons) in Clothing Technology and Fashion Management so you can be rest assured that I know what I'm doing when it comes to quality and safety!  More than anything I'm passionate about good quality, investment pieces that stand the test of time and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry."  



Here at Billie + Bobbie design is at the heart of everything that we do - but never at the cost of function!  We understand that the easier we can make your life, the more time there is for having fun with your little ones. Our products are all designed in house and every aspect of the design is considered to extend the longevity and lifecycle of the product. Neutral colour selection is considered in our colour palette as we aim to create pieces that are gender neutral, and adjustable sizing extends the lifespan of our products. We have a strong emphasis on a buy less, buy better approach creating products that stand the test of time and become a pillar towards a sustainable fashion industry. 



We only use the very best Superfine Merino Wool.  It 's 100% Superfine Merino and not blended with any other fabrics.  This means it is the best at regulating temperature as when Merino is blended it reduces this ability.  Our bags are designed with the Superfine Merino Wool as close to the skin as possible so it can regulate the temperature.  If the Merino is on the outer then it just acts as another layer without being able to regulate your little one's temperature.  The Luxury Linen and Pure Oeko-Tex Certified Organic Cotton outer layers in our sleeping bags act as insulating layers and protect the delicate Merino Wool lining, especially when your little one starts to crawl or walk.