Why buy Australian Made?

Here are our top reasons for why Australian Made is the most important product to buy:


There’s something special about receiving an item that is well made and has attention to detail at its core. Australia has high safety and quality standards which are set in law, so products that have been manufactured locally are legally obliged to meet these standards.  


Australian products usually come with local customer support, so if you need any help the customer service team is just a local phone call away.


By purchasing locally you are supporting not only the company you buy from, but there is also usually a long chain of other businesses who contribute to the end product. For example for us to be able to produce our range from raw materials to the end consumer, we need the services of a minimum of 10 other local businesses.  That is a lot of jobs!  By buying locally made products from local shops – we can each help to strengthen our communities and build resilience into our workforce. When these small businesses also buy locally made or sourced products, the benefits of a circular economy and ongoing opportunity for small to medium business flourish.


Australia has strict environmental policies to be followed which can’t always be guaranteed when purchasing from off shore. Environmental sustaninability covers all aspects from raw materials, goods manufacturing, packaging, delivery, and the end of life disposal. By purchasing locally manufactured and shipped goods, there is usually a decrease in emissions from the manufacturing of the product as well as more attention about emissions reductions possibilities for that product in the future.


Usually Australian made products are a higher price point than similar items made offshore. Although a higher cost of labour contributes to this, the fair treatment of workers, workplace conditions and safety of workers is valued higher in this country than other places. This fosters better rights for the workforce and ethical protections that empower not only the people but also the products they produce.  At Billie + Bobbie we only work with business partners who have the same values as us, to treat people and the Earth as we would like to be treated ourselves.