Collection: Baby Swaddles

For newborn babies who need to be swaddled, our Merino Wool Swaddle Sack and Organic Cotton Swaddle Wrap offer two different, but effective, baby swaddle options. Using breathable, natural fibres, both baby swaddles help your baby to settle quickly and remain comfortable while they sleep.

If you're looking for a newborn gift or simply need a spare for when one is in the wash - our baby swaddle sets are for you.

What are the benefits of using a baby swaddle?

They help to control startle reflex

A baby swaddle contains your baby's arms, so they won’t wake themselves during the night with the startle reflex that all newborns have. It will also prevent babies from scratching themselves with their fingernails during the night.

What type of baby swaddle should I use?

There are different types of baby swaddles - a swaddle sack is a type of sleep sack that you can zip your baby into with their arms enclosed. It gives the swaddling effect but without the wrapping - you just place your baby into the swaddle and zip them up.

A wrap is a large piece of fabric which is wrapped firmly around your baby to give the swaddling effect. They are also a great multi-purpose item for new parents as they have many uses from being a lightweight blanket to a sunshade.

What features do Billie + Bobbie baby swaddle sacks have?

A two-way zipper

Our Joey Merino Wool baby swaddle features a two-way zipper, as it allows access to change a nappy without having to remove the whole swaddle from your baby. This is very handy during cold nights!

Temperature regulating

Made from 100% superfine merino wool, which has the unique ability to regulate bub's temperature by creating a micro environment around the skin keeping your baby warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot.

Award winning

Our Joey Merino Baby Swaddle won the gold award and editor's choice award in the baby sleep category Clean & Conscious Awards 2022.

What features do Billie + Bobbie baby swaddle wraps have?

Generous size

Our swaddle wraps are a generous 110cm x 120cm size so you can swaddle securely without having to pull too tight

Made from organic cotton

Our baby swaddle wraps are made from 100% Pure Oeko-Tex Certified Organic Cotton muslin, making them breatheable and gentle against delicate newborn skin

At Billie + Bobbie we offer a selection of baby swaddles to suit your and your baby's individual needs.

Our baby swaddles and wraps come in a range of contemporary colours, in different sizes to suit any little one.