Our Responsibilty


All Billie + Bobbie products are made using premium 100% natural fibres, this is at the heart of our philosophy. Natural fibres are safer for your child and gentle on their delicate skin because they regulate body temperature, reduce the risk of overheating and are breathable.



Wool is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre; when disposed of it decomposes in a matter of years, releasing valuable nitrogen-based nutrients back into the earth. It decomposes at a much faster rate than synthetic alternatives. We source our certified non-mulesed Merino Wool right here in Australia which ensures not only premium quality but also that high ethical and environmental practices are upheld. 

All our Cotton is organic certified to the highest standards. The growing, farming and manufacturing of organic Cotton minimises the impact on the environment.

Linen is made from the flax plant which requires less water and pesticides than most crops, and when left untreated is completely biodegradable. The flax yarn used to produce our Linen is sourced from France and Belgium which is renowned for producing a premium quality fibre. All our Linens meet the Oeko-Tex standard ensuring that they don’t contain any harmful substances. 

Each piece that we create is made to be timeless - something that will last you and your family for years to come. We have invested a great deal of time into sourcing quality materials and components that go into every Billie + Bobbie garment so it will stand the test of time. Each step of the production process is carefully considered to ensure our products have as little impact on the environment as possible, this includes only producing small quantities to avoid excess stock and reduce contributing to landfill.

We only work with business partners who have the same values as us, to treat people and the Earth as we would like to be treated ourselves. We aim to integrate these values through all aspects of the business from product to packaging. All products purchased online are free from plastic and all print materials and swing tags are recyclable. 



We are teaming up with Backpacks 4 Vic Kids in an initiative to donate a combination of pre-loved and new sleeping bags and swaddles to those in need.  Any seconds or samples that are still in safe, excellent condition but not meeting our high retail standards will be donated to this very worthy cause.  If you would like to donate any pre-loved swaddles or sleeping bags still in excellent used condition, there are drop off points located around Victoria here, alternatively you can post in to us and we can add it to our donations.  Open packs of nappies and other clothing items are also gratefully accepcted, for a full list of what items are in need please see here 

We have also supported Sacred Heart Mission assisting in building people’s capacity to participate in community life through product donations.