What is a TOG rating?

TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’ which provides a measurement of warmth; the higher the number, the warmer the garment.  Simply put, a baby sleeping bag is often given a TOG rating according to the amount of warmth it provides.

What you need to know about Merino Wool and TOG Ratings

You may have noticed that our sleeping bags are not TOG rated like most other brands.  This is because Merino Wool has unique thermo-regulating properties that respond to the environment, keeping your baby warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot. 

This makes it easier when it comes to dressing your baby for bed as you simply adjust the layers worn underneath following our temperature guide - meaning you don't have to worry about confusing TOG systems!


Dressing Baby for Bed

It’s the question on every parent’s mind – is my child dressed appropriately for bed?  Are they too warm/too cold? Billie + Bobbie take the guess work out of dressing your little one for bed with our temperature regulating Merino Wool and easy to use temperature guide. Little ones don’t yet have the ability to regulate their own temperature and so can become too hot or too cold very easily.  The natural properties of Merino Wool allow it to create a micro environment around the skin, maintaining the ideal temperature.  This is especially important as the temperature drops throughout the night, you can be sure that your little one maintains a consistent temperature for a safe and comfortable sleep.


Temperature Guide

Our simple to use temperature guide means you don't have to worry about confusing TOG systems - simply adjust the layers worn underneath the sleeping bag according to the room temperature.

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baby in winter merino wool sleeping bag - no TOG rating

What makes Merino so good for Babies?

  • Better sleep quality for healthy growth and development - Research from the International Wool Textile Organisation has found that babies that slept with merino wool had a deeper, more restful sleep.  Read more
  • Improves eczema symptoms - Merino Wool is recommended for sensitive skin & eczema thanks to its ability to manage moisture levels next to the skin. 
  • Comfort and breathability - Merino Wool is luxuriously soft which makes it the ideal fibre to wear against the skin. It is also breathable so once your baby starts to heat up it wicks away moisture keeping your baby dry and snug.  Synthetic alternatives like polyester don’t allow moisture to evaporate resulting in your child becoming sweaty and at risk of overheating, or becoming cold and ‘clammy’ as the temperature drops during the night.
Is merino wool sleeping bag more expensive

Is Merino Wool More Expensive?

Although Merino tends to be more expensive than synthetic fibres it will last a lot longer so it is more cost effective in the long run.

Thanks to the temperature regulating properties of Merino Wool one All Season Sleeping Bag covers the same temperature range as three TOG rated sleeping bags.

Adjustable sizing means that our baby size sleeping bag lasts from around 3 months to 2 years. Most sleeping bags are sized to fit a narrower age range so you'll need to keep buying the next size up more often.