Size Guide

From newborn to toddler, we’ve got you covered.  Our range covers 0-4 years...and don't forget mum!

The Joey Merino Wool Swaddle Sack

The Joey Merino Wool Swaddle Sack come in 2 different sizes:

Approx Age


Garment Length (from side neck to bottom edge)

0-3 months



3-6 months +



 Note: It is essential to discontinue swaddling as soon as baby starts showing signs that they can begin to roll, usually between 4-6 months of age but sometimes younger

The Merino Wool Sleeping Bags

Billie + Bobbie sleeping bags come in 2 different sizes and our clever adjustable sizing means each sleeping bag should last you around 2 years!


Approx age

Chest (at base of armhole)

Length (from side neck to bottom edge)


3-24 months (min weight 4.5kg)




2-4 years



You will most likely transition to this bag once your baby starts rolling and they are no longer swaddled.  It is important to have a snug fit around the neck.  You may notice that the armholes come slightly lower than other brands which is due to our clever adjustable sizing but your little one will still be kept warm and snug.  

It’s ok to have room in the bag as long as the neck/armhole have a safe, secure fit - the poppers at the underarm can be fastened to make the armhole smaller for around the first 6 months.  Once your little one’s toes start to touch the end then they are ready to move to the next size up. 

Long Sleeve Bodysuit & Singlet Bodysuit



Length (from centre back neck down)

0-3m 22cm 38cm
3-6m 24cm 40cm
6-12m 26cm 42cm
1-2yrs 28cm 45cm


The Luxury 100% Linen Robe

The Luxury Robe has a relaxed fit and generous belt length so it will see you through pregnancy and post partum. One size fits most.

Our model wearing eucalyptus usually wears size M, our model wearing rose usually wears size S and our model wearing golden sand usually wears size XL.

See below for garment measurements:

Belt length: 207cm

Total width at waist when fully opened out: 138cm edge to edge