3 Reasons Why Your Baby is taking Short Naps

3 Reasons Why Your Baby is taking Short Naps

Usually, putting your little one down for a nap means getting some time to yourself or get a few chores done. However, when your baby refuses to nap for as long as usual, you may feel frustrated and confused. Keep reading to find out the top three reasons why your baby is taking short naps and how you can help them sleep for longer.

Sleep environment - read our blog about how to optimise your bub's sleep environment here

Awake windows - Use age appropriate awake windows for your baby to ensure that they aren't over tired or under tired when it comes to nap time, as both of these contribute to short naps.  Your baby should be asleep by the end of the awake window so start settling approx 10 minutes before it ends

Comfort - Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t easy when you're not comfortable  If your baby feels too warm or cold, they’ll wake up. The perfect solution to this problem is a All Season Merino Wool Sleeping Bag. With our sleeping bag, you won’t have to worry about baby waking up cold or being overheated. Our sleeping bags for babies are made with premium merino wool fabric to keep your baby cool when it’s warm out and toasty on a cold day.

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