new baby gift

5 Baby Gift Ideas

new baby gift

After having had a baby, another one on the way and planning a million baby showers myself, I can tell you right now – these are the best baby gift ideas. Go with one of these and you won’t go wrong!

1. A Gourmet (healthy) food delivery.  Most parents are so researched out these days that it's hard to come up with something that they don't already have, and that will actually come in useful.  What better treat is there than ready prepared food which tastes delicious but is also good for you?!  One of our Melbourne only favourites is Mama Goodness or for Australia wide try gourmet dinner service.

2. A Bath-time gift set.  Bath time is such a beautiful opportunity for new parents to care for and bond with their baby. Help them serve up some comforting moments with this gift set.

new baby gift

3. A Merino Wool Swaddle or Sleeping Bag.  The beauty of Merino Wool is that it can be used year round thanks to it's natural ability to regulate temperature, taking the stress out of dressing a new baby for sleep time and worrying that they are too hot or too cold.  We love the swaddle sack for newborns or this sleeping bag if you are looking to spend a little bit more.

4. A luxurious Linen robe for mum.  Perfect for the hospital bag, night feeds or just throwing on around the house when you don’t feel like getting dressed yet, this is such a useful item as a new mum!  We love this one because it's made of 100% washed linen making it feel super luxurious, breatheable, and it's Australian Made.  Also comes in a matching mum & mini range with the swaddles and sleeping bags in no. 3.

5. If you're on a restricted budget or just wanted to do something a little more personal, then there's nothing better than some delicious home cooked food!  In those first few weeks cooking can be the last thing that parents feel like doing so some nourishing, home cooked food is one of the best gifts to receive and it doesn't matter how many times you double up!

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