5 Reasons Merino Wool Is Great for Babies

5 Reasons Merino Wool Is Great for Babies

Merino Wool is the crème de la crème when it comes to natural fibres, especially for babies and young children.  Studies have shown that babies sleeping in Merino settled more quickly, cried less, slept longer and gained weight faster.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we love Merino:


Research from the International Wool Textile Organisation has found that babies that slept with merino wool had a deeper, more restful sleep.  They settled more quickly, cried less, slept longer and gained weight faster.  Researcher Dr Paul Swan, from the University of Sydney, said: "Wool regulates your body temperature far better, keeping you in what is known as 'the thermal comfort zone'. You therefore not only fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, but also have deeper, better quality sleep."

At the Cambridge Maternity Hospital, Scott and Richards investigated the effects of Merino on premature and low birth-weight babies and found that they gained an extra 10g a day compared to babies that weren’t sleeping on Merino.


Merino Wool is recommended for sensitive skin & eczema thanks to its ability to manage moisture levels next to the skin.  According to a study led by Associate Professor John Su at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute it was found that the severity of eczema symptoms reduced when wearing Merino Wool compared to cotton.


Little ones don’t yet have the ability to regulate their own temperature and so can become too hot or too cold very easily.  The natural properties of Merino Wool allow it to create a micro environment around the skin keeping your baby warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot, maintaining the ideal temperature.  This is especially important as the temperature drops throughout the night, you can be sure that your little one maintains a consistent temperature.  Our bags are designed with the Superfine Merino Wool on the inside and Organic Cotton or Linen on the outside as it's important that the Merino is as close to the skin as possible to regulate the temperature.  The Organic Cotton/Linen outer provides durability as Merino is a delicate, soft fibre.

A more comfortable temperature allows for a deeper and more restful sleep for your baby, so that more energy can be diverted to growth and development.


Merino Wool is luxuriously soft, light and non-itchy which makes it the ideal fibre to wear against the skin.  We use 18.5 micron Superfine Merino Wool, which put in simple terms, is far superior to all the rest!  ‘Superfine’ refers to the diameter of the fibre.  Because our Merino Wool is so fine it feels soft against the skin unlike traditional wool which can feel itchy or prickly.

It is also breathable so once your baby starts to heat up during the night, it wicks away moisture keeping your baby dry and snug.  Synthetic alternatives like polyester don’t allow moisture to evaporate resulting in your child becoming sweaty and at risk of overheating, or becoming cold and ‘clammy’ as the temperature drops during the night after they have perspired.  This can cause unnecessary wake ups which all parents want to avoid!


Due to Merino Wool’s ability to regulate temperature it prevents overheating which has been identified as a key factor in many cases of SIDS.

Merino Wool is naturally low fire danger meaning that it has a low burning rate and may self-extinguish, compared to synthetic alternatives or untreated natural fibres which can melt and drip or have a high burning rate.  This is particularly important in children’s nightwear and all our garments go through stringent testing to ensure they meet the Australian standards.