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How to Adjust your Baby's Sleep when the Clocks go Back

Daylight Saving

It’s nearly that time when the clocks go back on Sunday 2nd April meaning a 7pm bedtime will feel like 8pm (Southern Hemisphere) and your little one may potentially wake a little earlier.

How can you make it an easy adjustment for your little one?

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Adjust gradually

Put your little one down 15-30 minutes later for a couple of nights before adjusting to the full hour, depending on your baby’s age.

Maintain a consistent bedtime routine

Bed time routines are a great way to prepare your little one to get ready for sleep, and when used consistently they make a great sleep association!

When the clocks change keeping the routine consistent in the lead up to bedtime can help with the time adjustment.

A bedtime routine can include things like:

  • A warm bath
  • Putting on pyjamas
  • Brushing teeth
  • Reading a book
  • Using a swaddle or sleeping bag
  • Having a cuddle or singing a song
  • Dimmed lights
  • White noise

Check your sleep environment

Optimise your sleep environment to give Bub the best chance for a good nights sleep!

Here are our 4 top tips:

White Noise Machine - The @yogasleepusa hushh white noise has been one of my favourite baby purchases as it’s USB chargeable and so we use it in the bedroom overnight as well as on the go.

Swaddle or Sleep Sack - Invest in a good quality one that will last as your baby grows. We recommend our Joey Merino Wool Swaddle Sack and our All Season Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag.

Comforter - A comforter is a positive psychological association for your child, once they have adopted it, it comforts your child due to their emotional attachment to it.  It's safe to introduce from around 7+ months.

Dark Room - Use black out blinds like Sleepy Sundays to stop the sun from creeping in when it comes up in the morning

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Ensure your baby is dressed appropriately

As the cooler temperatures approach you want to make sure you’re prepared with a suitable weight baby sleeping bag and appropriate layers for underneath so you're not caught out with any cold spells during the night.

Our range of natural fibre sleeping bags and swaddles are made from merino wool which is both temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking. This means that as the temperature drops throughout the night, you can be sure that your little one maintains a consistent temperature.  Our bags are designed with the Superfine Merino Wool on the inside and Organic Cotton or Linen on the outside as it's important that the Merino is as close to the skin as possible to regulate the temperature.  The Organic Cotton/Linen outer provides durability as Merino is a delicate, soft fibre.

If you need some help deciding what weight sleeping bag you should choose, see our temperature guide.

You’ve got this mama!