Top tips to get your baby to sleep better through the night

Top tips to get your baby to sleep better through the night

It's one of the most common factors parents worry about when it comes be bedtime - Are they too hot or too cold? Do they need more layers or less? And what about those TOG ratings on Sleeping Bags? If you’re struggling with how to dress your baby for bed, these are our top tips.

Nursery temperature

Red Nose does not recommend a specific room temperature for healthy babies. However you may find the most 'comfortable' temperature for sleeping is somewhere between 18°C and 20°C.

Baby temperature

To check your baby’s temperature, feel baby’s tummy, which should feel warm.  Don’t worry if baby’s hands and feet feel cool – this is normal. If baby is showing signs of heat stress, remove some bedding or clothing. This may be necessary if baby is unwell, in which case you should seek medical attention.

Dressing your baby appropriately

Dress your baby as you would dress yourself for the temperature of the room – comfortably warm, not too hot, not too cold. One of the best ways to ensure your baby can regulate their body temperature while they’re asleep is to dress them in natural fibres with the ability to regulate temperature, like Merino Wool. Red Nose recommends that a good way to avoid face covering is to use a safe baby sleeping bag (one with fitted neck, armholes or sleeves and no hood). 

Billie + Bobbie swaddle wraps, swaddle sacks and sleeping bags are a great choice when it comes to correctly dressing your baby for sleep. Our entire range is made using temperature regulating natural fibres such as organic cotton and merino wool.