As the temperatures rise it's the question on every parent's mind - how do I dress my baby for bed? Keep reading for some handy tips on keeping your little one comfortable at night throughout the warmer months.

Even though it can often be quite warm at baby's bedtime, throughout the night (especially in the early hours around 4am) temperatures drop, so how can you keep bub comfortable throughout the night?

Billie + Bobbie swaddles for newborns and sleeping bags for arms out sleepers are made from Superfine Merino Wool which has unique temperature regulating properties, keeping baby cool when it's warm and warm when it's cold.

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Choose breathable fabrics

On warmer days, it's important to dress your little one in a cool, breathable fabric to ensure they don’t overheat.

Natural fibres like Merino Wool are breathable so once your baby starts to heat up during the night, it wicks away moisture keeping your baby dry and snug.  Synthetic alternatives like polyester don’t allow moisture to evaporate resulting in your child becoming sweaty and at risk of overheating.  To avoid unnecessary wake ups try dressing them in our temperature regulating sleepsacks to keep them cool and comfortable throughout the night.

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How do I dress my baby for bed

Dressing for summertime

In warmer weather with room temperatures of 24 - 28°C you can dress baby in just a nappy or singlet with a Merino swaddle or sleepsack.

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From newborn to 4 years we've got you covered with our all season swaddles and sleeping bags, available in a stunning range of colours. Want to know more about the great features of our Merino Wool products? Check out our full range of merino sleeping solutions to learn more!

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    Such Good Quality!

    "We have been using this sleeping bag for our boy who’s currently 14 months old. The quality is just beautiful! This sleeping bag appealed to us as it’s made with natural fibres - merino wool and linen. I wish we had discovered this brand earlier for our older girl as we never found a sleeping bag that worked well before, other brands seem to all contain synthetic materials. This one keeps him the perfect temperature and he’s been sleeping so well as a result. Thank you!"

    - Natalie L

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    "LOVE, this product is beyond beautiful, very well thought out, attention to detail for convenience is amazing. The fabric is divine, super soft and lightweight but still provides ample warmth! She looks super cosy and snug and no more wake ups because she's on the chilly side! She also looks super cute in the colours"

    - Sadie P

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    Ready for new baby

    "Expecting my third baby and living in FNQ I wanted something ultra breathable. This is perfect for our climate and a staple for my hospital bag."

    - Connie L

It's important to dress your baby as you would dress yourself for the temperature of the room – comfortably warm, not too hot, not too cold.